Most frequent questions and answers

Sailing yachts and yachts in general although being capable of crossing oceans, they do not in our programs. They always travel close to the shore and if the weather is bad, yachts will always stay in a safeport. You should not be seasick as yachts are large, heavy and stable vessels.

Swimming. Snorkeling. Water sports. Island hopping. Town exploration. Lots of eating and drinking. Hiking. Sunbathing. Enjoying a good book. Nature parks. History cruises. Partying. Sleeping… The list goes on!

Lets put it this way. If you like to spend an entire day in a room, if you hate sun, sea and seeing lots of different places, if you like crowded hotels and if you like to drive around with a bus a lot – then, yachting is not for you!

Yachts are by default a much more personal way to travel. Families, a group of friends, honeymooners or those in need of privacy don’t need to pack around a pool with hundreds of other people, nor do they need to follow tight time-schedules in their holidays. Are you having a great time and absolute fun on an island, then you can stay for more than 12 hours. Isn’t that a reason?

Sailing yacht cruise prices range from 100 €/person/week and can reach 5 digit numbers if the customer wants to hire a luxurious Mega Yacht. If your holiday budget is anywhere inside this range, then you can afford it.

The choices are overwhelming! More than 30 different yachts x limitless itineraries x large number of activities = Countless combinations! The purpose of an agency is to help you determine which combination is the best for you.

If you wish to get a cheaper deal, you might get it from an owner directly. But irresponsible or peculiar owner might also give you headaches during the cruise. And when this happens, you have nobody to call to back you up.

If you can get a group of at least 4 people try to book a yacht. You can then organize your route, food and preferences according to your wishes. In cabin charter everything is fixed in advance.

Inside the yachts exist life vest for kids, also there are vests in our base, so please let us know the number you require, and the size (weight) of the children. Also, we can provide a safety net if you make a request in advance.

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