Cyclades embraces hundred of islands, other cosmopolitan and luxurious and other totally pure, all with magical beaches of timeless beauty, islands that are arid and islands with lush green trees and exotic beaches. A natural scenery of mind-blowing, quintessential beauty against the velvet blue of the Aegean Sea. Traveling back in time, the Aegean Sea was the most significant ‘theater of historical events’. The first Greek civilization was emerged here. Anyone who had the luck to read Homer has definitely sailed mentally in the Aegean Sea. Besides the chance to visit the numerous islands, seize the opportunity to live the traditions that date back to the ancient times. Choose among innumerable islands! If you are looking for cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid nightlife then Mykonos, Santorini and Paros are ideal for you! But, if you prefer to relax, enjoy the sea and walk around picturesque villages, then Milos, Ios and Folegandros are the perfect place for you! 


Ionian Sea embraces the entire Greek west coast, offering unique thrills and unforgettable memories. Vast, golden beaches capture all eyes. Crystal clear waters, safe harbors and versatile beaches allure all senses, when touring the sea. After all the mild weather of the Ionian is your fellow traveler all year round. The name of the Sea comes  from the Greek mythology and specifically from Io, the priestess of Goddess Hera. When Zeus, the husband of Hera, fell in love with Io, Hera punished her with estrus that drove her insane and was wondering around. First place Io visited was the Ionian Sea. The islands whisper myths of Gods and Goddesses and they never let down the travelers’ ambitions. Lefkada, Kefalonia, Paxi and Antipaxi are famous sailing dstinations that fascinate visitors with the azure color of the sea. On Zakynthos, Kerkyra and Ithaki castles, monasteries, caves and stone houses travel you to the medieval age. The islands of the Ionian Sea are a place blessed with natural beauty, picturesque landscapes and crystal clean beaches.


A stone’s throw from the capital of Greece, the islands of the Argosaronic act as stress buster and are a timeless and beloved destination. Salamina, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and Methana are popular destinations, as they combine beautiful sceneries, archaeological sites, museums, charming villages and wonderful beaches. Picturesque islands, some low profile and other more cosmopolitan, all with clean seas, famous monasteries, important archaeological sites, charming town and traditional villages will capture your heart. The islands are ideal for sailing as they are are protected from Etesian winds. They are also close to each other, giving you the chance to visit many different places and explore these unspoiled treasures!


From the ancient times, the islands of the North Aegean are considered to be at a significantly valuable position. They became a bridge joining the inhabitants of the region. Shipping and trade contributed greatly to the development of a significant culture. Once visiting the islands of North Aegean, it will be hard to leave. They are characterized of a unique wild beauty and a rich cultural heritage that can undoubtedly be called as seductive treasures. Enjoy the magnificent sandy beaches and the delicious food, but on the same time date with history and mythology. On Samos you will visit the birthplace of the astrophysicist Aristarchus and the mathematician Pythagoras. On Chios you will admire a World Heritage Site, the mosaics in the Nea Moni Monastery. The islands of North Aegean Sea are an ideal holiday destination and a place of a lifetime.


Sporades are an archipelago along the east coast of Greece and in the northwest Aegean Sea. Pine-covered Mediterranean hillsides, a blue sky and tranquil turquoise waters engender an earthly paradise. Discover Skiathos by foot and be delighted with journeys through the forest and by the lake Strofilia. For those seeking historical sightseeing, Kanapitsa peninsula will fascinate them with beautiful churches and monasteries. Alonnisos is at the center of a marine park that’s home to dolphins and Mediterranean monk seals. If you are looking for a peaceful island to relax, then Skopelos is your destination! It is known for its wonderful beaches, the lush and of course the tasteful pies. The island has also a ‘Hollywood touch’. The film ‘Mamma Mia’ was shooted in Skopelos! The amazing scenery inspires many couples to host their marriage on the island. Besides its natural beauty, Skyros is very popular among meditation and yoga lovers. Whatever you are looking for, Sporades will definitely amaze you!