The starting point of our nautical travelogue is the Ionian Sea and its renowned island complex, embracing the entire Greek west coast, offering unique thrills and unforgettable memories. Vast, golden beaches capture all eyes. Crystal clear waters, safe harbors and versatile beaches allure all senses, when touring the sea. After all the mild weather of the Ionian is your fellow traveler all year round.
Approaching Corfu (Kerkyra) you meet some of the most well-known beaches attracting thousands of visitors every year. You can admire the multitude of sandy shores, the stunning Pontikonissi islet, as well as the surrounding isles of Erikoussa, Mathraki and Othoni; whilst, the largest marina of the area is located at Gouvia.
Continuing, the journey finds you at the seashores of the marvelous islands Paxi and Antipaxi. Positioned south of Corfu, they are renowned for their green landscapes and secluded sea-caves only approachable by sea.
Reaching the island of Kefalonia, you find yourself on the biggest island of the Ionian Sea. Sailing around, you easily find many isolated beaches, as well as many organized ones. Admirable is the capital Argostoli, but also the “melodic” Lixouri. The major marina of the island is called Fiscardo, famed for its beauty and delicious seafood, which never fails short of visitors’ admiration.
Next anchorage of the journey is the birthplace of Odysseus, Ithaca. Its story goes back in time, as the monuments spread throughout the island, confess. The small isolated beaches turn Ithaca into the ideal place to relax and enjoy the landscape away from any nuisance.
Standing at awe, you approach Lefkada, an island that is also accessible by automobile. The east shoreline is verdurous with smooth, flat beaches, whereas on the west coast the scenery is more versatile. Within this versatility, you will find outstanding beaches. Sailing around the islands of Scorpios and Meganissi is a must for sea-dwellers. Lefkada also offers a very well equipped anchorage for all visitors’ convenience.
The sea travel concludes at the “Flower of Levanter”, the island of Zakynthos, home of the sea turtle (Caretta Caretta). Visitors are welcomed by tall mountains, deep- blue waters, sea caves and picturesque ports. The locals make you feel at home with their singing, while their hospitality fascinates.
You can also dock at the marinas of Aktio and Vounaki, on the west coastline of Central Greece and make them your base for nearby sea explorations.


The famous island of Phaeacus,  is characterised  by a series of mythical images. Gouvia Marina, the first privately owned marina in Greece, offers a full range of technical boat services and dry-docking facilities.

Ionion Sea


Is the Greek island you remember from the first time you discover Greece,  for the wide variety of villages and resorts and some of the best beaches all over the Greece.  The marina possibly the most modern marina of Mediterannean Sea operates all year round.


Kefalonia is a very big island and for this reason it’s able to satisfy every kind of tourist, from the most active, to those who dream of a relaxing stay. If you happen to love snorkeling or diving then the seabed around the island will definitely satisfy you.

Sailing in Ionio


This island is truly a gem that charms all who come to spend their holidays here. Its landscape diversity has resulted in different types of beaches with the most famous and most photographed beaches on top,  the shipwreck beach!

Yacht charter Greece


Welcome to the erotic sanctuary of Poseidon! The green Ionian islands with the turquoise waters, picturesque villages, the unique fjords with the sea caves. Cultural village of Europe for the year 2004, Paxi is the ideal island for a peaceful holiday.

Boat Greece


Can one journey provide myth and immortality?  It can, if the final destination is Ithaca !Worldwide famous as the home of Odysseus, Ithaca symbolises the return to the haven, the discovery and the fulfilment. Ideal for vacations with a sailing boat.



It is the biggest island from the complex of islets next to the Scorpio of Aristotelis Onasis. Meganisi is a picturesque and full of green island. You will find floating piers and mooring lines in every place. 



Othoni  is the biggest one of an Island complex  in Corfu , in the Ionian Islands Region of Greece.
It has a wonderful natural environment comprising of the ruins of Venetian castles, traditional houses and old churches.



Between the Aegean and the Ionian, the beautiful island of Kythira stands out as a unique and lonely paradise. It has had a long and varied history and has been influenced by many civilisations and cultures.